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Disaster Preparedness

The Idaho Chapter of the AAP continues to provide input and assistance with pediatric disaster preparedness planning and response to local hospitals, healthcare centers, medical providers, EMS agencies, health departments, and various community partners. We monitor, educate, and prepare for pandemics and outbreaks, such as Enterovirus D-68 and Ebola. We have representation in Idaho EMSC, Southwest Hospital Coalition, Eastern Idaho Healthcare Coalition, Regional Healthcare Planning Group, Pediatric Trauma, Environment of Care,Emergency Management Committees, and the new Mountain States Pediatric Disaster Surge Coalition. We participated in a mass fatality community-wide exercise, the 2014 Alaska Shield FEMA exercise, as well as several local hospital emergency drills. Future initiatives include a full-scale pediatric disaster exercise in SE Idaho, additional planning and development of mass casualty protocols, and educational support for special needs, technology dependent patients and day care preparedness.

Aaron Gardner (Pediatric Intensivist at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center) has recently joined Kathy Stevens as an AAP Disaster Preparedness Chapter Contact. He serves as a Regional Deputy Chief Medical Officer for the National Disaster Medical System and has a master’s degree in Disaster Medicine. He has extensive experience in disaster planning and response and is excited to help advance pediatric emergency preparedness in Idaho.