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EHDI-PALS Smart Phone App

In the coming months, the The Early Hearing Detection and Intervention-Pediatric Audiology Links to Services (EHDI-PALS) Committee will begin pilot testing a free smart phone app designed to provide parents with information, prompts, and reminders at each point along the rescreening-diagnostic-early intervention path. The goal is to routinely place key information in a parent’s hand as they navigate their way through the screening and follow-up process. Several EHDI coordinators (TX, MA, NE, IA, MN) are key participants in the design and will recruit hospital screening staff and parents for pilot testing.

The app functions as follows: when a baby does not pass the inpatient screen, hospital staff will tell parents a smart phone app is available to guide them toward the next step. A pamphlet, designed by the EHDI-PALS Committee, will also be shared with parents; it explains the app and how it can be downloaded. Once the app is downloaded by the parent, it will automatically generate timed alerts to the user on the re-screen step, explain why this is important and display other helpful information about hearing. When the rescreen is completed, the parent indicates within the app whether the baby passed and, if so, the app will then automatically uninstall itself. If the baby does not pass the rescreen, the app will provide the parent new alerts for a diagnostic evaluation.

These alerts include similar links to information on the importance of diagnostic testing, support resources, and an email option to contact the state EHDI program. Following diagnostic testing, the process repeats one final time—with the app uninstalling itself if no hearing loss is identified, and with alerts and links to help the parent/guardian with the intervention process if the child is found to be deaf or hard of hearing.

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